Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Many Photos

Hi guys!
I have been so busy these days trying to focus and organize thoughts going through my head. And I scroll through all the photos that I have taken, and the task becomes somewhat overwhelming.
I have tons to share with you. Just getting them organized is so time consuming. But one good thing is... well, there are two good things (haha)... we just got a much faster computer, so it goes a lot more smoothly - and the second one is that there are good memories to share with you.
I want to tell you all about Phillip's trip to Hawaii (which was in April) Sorry. I cannot find his camera! I think he took it with him for this trip to the North again.
I want to tell you about the wonderful time Andrew and I had this summer, about Andrew's "9 Birthday Cakes", and about my first ever SURPRISE Birthday party! I am sure there are other things, too.
Andrew will be starting the 3rd grade in a couple of weeks! Which is crazy to me because you all remember when he was in Kindergarten!!! He is growing up so quickly!
I plan to sub again. That was a lot of work last year, and I loved the flexibility!

Thank you all for reading our blog! It is inspiring to know that each of you takes the time to think of us. We are thinking of you, too.
Please be patient with me as I re-focus my thoughts. I am looking for all the positives - just like you all have to do. We miss you all so much - and sometimes we feel life is going on without us (in the "real world"). One day we will look back on our time here in Kodiak as an adventure... but right now we have said to each other, "This feels like a never-ending camping trip!!"
Talk to you all soon!

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