Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

May 31, 2009 - Nannah and Pop escourted us to Myrtle Beach to Aunt Bertie and Uncle Jerry's perfect Beach Village so that Pop could leave us with his truck for us to use while we were at the beach! Can't get better than that, folks! We had a good time on the way catching up on conversation that a four hour time difference had created, which made it difficult to talk on the phone. Well... Mom and I did. Andrew left Pop to his own devices and took a nap. Later we found out why... (and you will know, too).

For Andrew's 9th Birthday, his Nannah-Pop took us to Planet Hollywood for dinner. This was Andrew's first time there, and I wanted him to see what it was like inside. You know - figured that he would enjoy the scenery and movie-star memorabilia.

Though Pop tried to show him around and explain all the movie references and tell him who all the people were in the photos, Andrew did not know who any of them really were! If they were not in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or ET - he had no clue. Now, that will let you know how times have moved on. Rambo was almost a recognizable character, but missed the mark because the new movie has not come out yet. Even "The Karate Kid" didn't make an impression on our little guy! I can't blame him, really! I didn't know who a lot of them were, either...

Aside from the poor service and the cold food for our poor Pop, it was nice. Hey, we got a cool free appetizer because Nannah had snagged one from the coupon book before we left. It was Captain Crunch coated chicken tenders! We really liked them. Only they came out after our meal was eaten... go figure. I didn't care. To me, it was awesome just to be able to be at a restaurant that didn't allow dogs inside... or smoking... or sold fish as the main food item! You get my drift.

Anyway, another really neat thing about it was that I thought of Phillip the entire time we were there. We had eaten there while on our honeymoon almost 11 years prior - and had even bought a coffee cup to commemorate it! Andrew picked out a key ring for his birthday memento - but he missed out on the ice cream (or what ever they give you for your birthday) because Pop's patience had worn thin with the service...

So, I promised Andrew that I would try again another time... and his Nannah promised him a home-made cake when he came back to her house. So, now you have some fore-shadowing of what's to come of Andrew's "9" birthday cakes!

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