Monday, August 31, 2009

Health Care REFORM?

Well, I have never really been as concerned about a topic in the Headlines as I am about this one! So, I am using my "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" while I still have it to voice my opinion on a matter that concerns us ALL!

Why does it seem to make sense to some people that we should just give up all our rights that we have as Americans? Why do we feel that we should allow the government to limit our availability of quality health care? Are we okay with "a form of some type of health care" - or are we going to DEMAND that QUALITY health care be available to us?

Seriously? We demand more from the menu at McDonald's than we do from our government officials, it seems! I mean, let's just think about some minor comparisons here!

The Government REQUIRES that the employee handing you your Big Mac with fries and a coke have TWO VALID forms of American Identification!

However, American's allowed Barack Obama take an OATH of office as the PRESIDENT of the United States - to DEFEND our rights as Americans, to PROTECT our men and women in uniform, to SECURE our Nation from threats of foreign lands - yet he cannot even PROVE from which side of the globe he hails - let alone provide VALID identification for his employment!

When we walk into McDonald's, we EXPECT that the employees who work there know the items on the menu and we even become agitated when they have to turn around to remember what a #7 is.

Yet,we don't even expect that our elected officials know the demographics of the jurisdictions they "represent". We are fortunate if they even know what counties are in their jurisdiction!

We expect to see McDonald's employees in clean, well-fitting uniforms to serve us while we are visiting a well-known franchise. I mean, if we are at McDonald's we should know it - and it should not be able to be mistaken for another restaurant! Right?

Yet, our Mr. President doesn't even have the sense of pride to salute our flag, or sing the National Anthem, or ANYTHING AT ALL to show that he is PROUD to serve our Country! I guess we are just relieved that he is not outwardly showing his loyalty to another country...?

And when we receive our order to find that the "idiot behind the counter" forgot to tell the other "idiots in the kitchen" that we did not want pickles on our hamburger - we are OUTRAGED! We demand that we get some kind of compensation for our $6.00 that we just spent on our hamburger meal! I mean... I want a free ice cream cone, or apple pie - and "it better be warm, but not too hot - because if it burns my tongue, I am going to SUE the heck out of McDonald's! I KNOW that company has money! They shouldn't have let these idiots work here if they can't even get my order right!"

Yet, we work all day - every day to make sure that we have the resources we need in life, whether we need it now, or in the future. All the while, the Government is telling us how much money we are going to give them (and we do because we have no choice in the matter - or DID we?). But we don't even think about the THOUSANDS of dollars we are handing over for our elected officials to "manage" or "handle" or "appropriate"! Why? We should have interviewed them more thouroughly! Would we even want them to serve us a hamburger? And they are on our payroll!

Think about this... We expect McDonald's (and EVERY OTHER business in America) to know the clientele and to come up with ways to offer us more options. Whether it be healthier food options, more cell phone minutes, more freebies on the air plane, just plain MORE for our money for the service they provide... or we won't buy it!

Why are we okay with standing by silently while the government "idiots behind the desk" who don't know their "customers" are charging us to take options AWAY from us?

Why are our standards so high in America except for when it truly matters? Why do we demand "ANGUS BEEF" for our hamburgers and "week old left-overs" from our government?

Heather Comer
August 31, 2009

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