Monday, August 24, 2009

Andrew's New Teacher

Andrew's new teacher is Mr. Hicks! What a wonderful blessing for our family! I feel sure that this year will be a great one for our Mr. Andrew.
Mr. Hicks will loop up with Andrew next year - and we were so wanting some consistency for our little man... Mr. Hicks has a great reputation with the people around the Island, and when their child is promoted out of his classroom - it seems to be a hard day for the parent and the student - so we are looking forward to being able to experience the gifts this teacher brings. I feel that Andrew will benefit from a male influence in his life while Phillip is out to sea for the next two years.
Andrew's first field trip will be this coming Friday where he and his classmates will climb Old Woman. Mr. Hicks uses this as a measuring tool to see what he will be working with over the next school year. He mentioned to me last school year that you can tell a lot by the way the student approaches the mountain. Are they confident or scared?... easy to get started or take a lot of prompting?...
This will be a neat school year for sure!

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