Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Living Room!

Hi Guys,
I know that it has taken me forever to get a photo of my home to you, and here it is at Christmas time... so this photo is a little unusual. But, I wanted it to be nice and clutter-free before I photographed it.

So - These are a couple of photos of the Living Area. The windows span the length of the room. The book case is in the far corner of the room; and behind the sofa is our tiny area for skinny people to sit at our dining room table (which we never use). Behind the Dining room table, there is a sliding glass door that leads to the patio.
The chair that you see in the right bottom corner of the top photo is where our computer desk is positioned. So, our Living Room, Dining Room and Home office is all in this room of our home!

The bottom photo is our Dining area. Yes, it is a white tree... I know!
It is my $35.00 Wal-Mart special!

Catch you all later with more photos...

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