Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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Happy New Year everyone! 2008 was a hard year for almost everyone we know, so here's hoping that 2009 is filled with love, peace, and prosperity! We could all use a lot of that. Andrew, Phillip and I are sitting here this afternoon of the eve of 2009 contemplating our resolutions for the coming year, and each of us is at a loss of how we can be better than we already are! Wow! Now I know I made you laugh at that one!
Anyway, I guess I have never really established a New Year's Resolution per sey - and I am not sure that this year will be any different in that manner. Each of us has goals, but I am not sure they qualify as "resolutions". One of mine is to go back to school. Andrew and Phillip are still thinking about some of their goals, and are having a difficult time focusing on that right now because the TV is on........
We hope you all have a wonderful year!

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