Thursday, January 14, 2010


Last night was totally awesome! I broke TWO high score records in one night at League!
My previous high score was 152, and I broke that one with my first of three games with a 154. Then had a low score game of 111 (but still hit my average) and then the last game was TIED with CATHY with a new high score of 161! Man, this can become addictive!
I do like having an outlet to keep my mind of the dreary weather here in the never-ending winters! I cannot wait to move from here. I have not ever wanted to write anything negative on "our" blog, but it is too hard to stay true to myself without true expression - which I am not good at these days! Maybe I haven't been for a LONG time.
I do really long for the days when I can go to the grocery store and they DO HAVE milk and chicken! I mean, really - this is like living everyday in the middle of a hurricane! Gas prices, the cost and availability of milk - and DON'T EVEN get me started on the lack of fresh bread and fruits and veggies - is really wearing on my good nature! I hate it here. I know that we have a great life and don't really have much to complain about, but really, you cannot help how you feel! You know?
I LONG FOR FLORIDA SUN! Traffic, Convenient Stores, malls, Target, Michaels, Drug stores, Firehouse subs, Mugs n' Juggs, the BEACH, The Bayside Bridge, the Eastern Standard Time Zone... and so much more! 541 more days left here... and that is how all three of us feels...
So, Bowling and Scrapping keep my mind in the happy places BEFORE and AFTER here... :)
Rainy Days Won't last forever~

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eM said...

OMG I didn't even know you had this! How crazy.... PS How do I make my site all pretty and cute like yours? Can you show me? Pretty please!