Monday, May 24, 2010

The 365 Countdown is on!

Well, tomorrow is the last day of the school year here in Kodiak. I am so excited about that for myself as much as for Andrew. We have seen lots of moving trucks around the neighborhood, and long for our turn to come.
Right now the big thing on the calendar is Andrew's 10th Birthday. Can't believe he is growing up so fast. He is planning on a Swim and Pizza party with some friends to spend the night afterward! I know he is excited to have a real party this year. Usually he misses out because of a trip home or moving!
Looking forward to working at the scrapbooking store this year. It will certainly be a nice change of pace from what I have been doing. I really can't stand recess duty while I am freezing half to death.
It is May 24th and it is 48 degrees here! I am so ready to be in Florida hanging out by the pool feeling the nice warm SUN on my arms and legs...

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Lisa F said...

I'm SO excited to be working with you at the store!