Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No end to winter in Kodiak!

So... apparently there is no spring in Kodiak, AK! It is April 7th, and we are still getting plenty of snow - which I hate!
Though time is marching on, all the days seem to run together and keeping track of the days is more difficult with each passing day. The only reason to know what day it is - is to know how many more days there are until I will pack Andrew and myself up to head to North Carolina for the summer - a REAL summer.
Phillip has been gone now for a total of three weeks, with four more to go... He is in Hawaii right now - and although the weather is nice there - the work load is stressful.

I have been having lots of good times with my friends on the Island, and will write about it later when I have more time to record things.
Bye for now!

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