Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is winter going to end soon?

Hi guys!
Haven't posted much lately because we have been one busy family packing in as much fun as possible before the men leave again!
Andrew is very busy with school and Cub Scouts. The Derby races are over now, and we will go to the Cub Scouts dinner this week, which Phillip will be here for as well!
I have been working with a new friend on some creative projects (pictorial and in the process of a Baby Shower). I would love to do nothing but little creative things all day - every day!
Stumbled onto a little thing called Facebook - where I have gotten in touch with a bunch of old friends from school - and even found Elle Mae on there! (She is a friend from Clearwater). It is quite addictive - especially view photos of friends and family! I remember when I thought a fax machine was one of the coolest things EVER! Now we can see photos of friends thousands of miles away moments after they have been taken! How cool is that?
My friend, Cathy, keeps me busy with birthday parties and dinners and movies, and anything else that continually distracts me from my daily responsibilities - which is now a running joke between my friends and myself! However, I have really been tending to my responsibilities this week-end! Which leads me to the question - is winter ever going to end? I feel like I want to spring clean and for things to revive and be new again! I am so tired of being cold and seeing UGLY BLACK mounds of snow every where! Phillip pointed out to me today that the maintenance crew picks the snow up from the parking lots and dumps it over by "Jewel Beach"! I said to him, "now, there is the picture we should send to people so they can see the "Beautiful" snow we get to see every day. It is gross. But, I noticed on the weather widget on my Google - that we should see the 40's next week! Would that not be neat?
Now - all of you know me well enough to know that I - Heather Comer - would NEVER be excited about 40 degree weather - unless I had reached a new level of desperation! And, yes, that is the case! Someone should have made sure that our little groundhog was smitten with a minor hangover on the eve of Feb. 2nd so that he would forget to get out of bed the next morning! I mean - it can happen - right? I have read in children's books where the Bear forgets to hibernate during Christmas! What about the groundhog for crying out loud!
Now - if I can clear some space for some quality scrapbooking - I would be all set! Well, as far as living on this ROCK is concerned!
Bye for Now!

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