Sunday, November 30, 2008

It is Christmas Time

Though the snow falls, and it looks like a Christmas Card around here, the heart is heavy for me as I think about my family and friends on the East Coast. This Blog is for all of you. I know it doesn't seem as personal, but trust me; I am thinking of you as I write this. I miss you all so very much, and to top it all off - Phillip is leaving again for ten days to go to California. When he comes home from that, he will be leaving to go on a Santa trip to visit some remote villages in AK. Then, he should be home for about 5 days before Christmas.
He misses all of you, too. He really has a hard time coming and going all the time. He says he feels out of touch with what is important to him and our family. I know this is going to be worth it in the end, but it seems like an eternity when you add up all the time away from each other and put the rest of your life on hold!
Andrew is doing well. He loves to play in the snow, but talks often that he wishes he had a super power that allowed him to leave this place for long periods of time to be with his grandparents. He has started his long journey with the Scouts, and is making good grades in school. I am very proud of him!
My favorite part about living here is not having a steady job. I like to be here when Phillip gets to come home. It would kill me to go through all of this and never be able to see him because I have to go to work. I have adjusted to the ways of the place, but do not want to stay here for too long. It is sad to know that Phillip is counting down the days until we get to leave. Right now we are at 952!


cinpac said...

What an awesome idea, Heather! I can't wait to catch up on what's going on with you, Andrew and Phillip.
Thank you for sharing.
Love, Cindy

Jerry & Bertie Jones said...

Good to hear from you, looks like a lot of fun in the snow. We'll chaeck up on you regularly.

Jerry & Bertie